God as your new best friend

Having a relationship with God is one of the strongest bonds anyone can create. The unique thing about this rapport is that you are the sole conductor of it, and therefore it is ultimately in your hands to determine the strength of this connection. When things go wrong and you feel detached from God, you must ask yourself: who moved? From my own personal experience, Allah (God) to me is with me wherever I go. He is entwined into my conscience which subsequently helps me to decide upon my actions what is right and what is wrong. Many people look to faith as a moral guide, setting the boundaries of life, and obeisance of this will enable you to be rewarded eternally. Being in the UK, there has recently been a shift in the levels of religious involvement. This is down to many factors such as the pursuit of Liberalism, and generally as human beings we are becoming more self inclined, leading us to not want to have to be held accountable for our actions. Personally, I feel disappointed that so many are missing out on such a close relationship with God, and I feel that this is because of the misunderstanding of His role. You often find particularly in the Muslim faith, Allah’s functions are viewed in a punitive manner rather than a loving one. This will be partly due to the way parents have brought up their children with the idea that if you do X wrong, God will punish you in Y way. As representatives of faith, we should be concentrating on God as a support mechanism, and a constant source of love and affection. Yes, without a doubt there are certain actions which may have consequences, yet we do not express as strongly the ability of God to forgive. His mercy extends beyond belief, and the root of that is His love for us. Seeing God as a Judge who hands out a punishment takes away from His capacity to love and to respect the human beings whom He has created.
 You often find when things get serious, and your belief in the human race expires, you inherently look towards a higher being to support you. When desperation seeps in, even the ones who have actively rejected God seek solace and comfort in the expectation that there is something out there which holds more power than them. As the saying goes, when the world pushes you to your knees, you’re in the perfect position to pray. In the same way, whenever things do go wrong, it is natural to look up into the sky to search for an answer or a glimmer of hope. Actions such as this are not coincidental in my view, nor have they just been duplicated from generation to generation. As humans we are flawed, and thus we need a perfect being to depend on in order to solve our own misfortunes.

 My thoughts on this matter were triggered by recent events when the mother of a friend of mine fell ill. She isn’t a strong believer in Islam yet she told me the first thing she did was reach for the Quran and do a special Duaa (prayer). In many ways this made me think why is it that people only look to God as a last resort when things get bad? But at the same time, I rebutted this thought by concluding that it is the ability for their mind to come to terms with having a superior force that is the most important factor. It is this connection, however thin which we should embrace, because at the end of the day, as long as the link is there, you can always build upon it. 

See God in a different light, look to Him as a friend who can guarantee you he will never let you down. Work on your relationship with Him in the same way you would work to improve your other personal relationships, if not harder. Even when you think he has failed you; remember there is a purpose for every action in life. Bad things carry elements of good, and through patience comes reward. Ask for forgiveness on a regular basis and keep your feet on the ground. Focus on what you do have, and God will give you more.